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What We Deliver

CHLÉIRE CONSULTING believes in working with clients to get them what they need at the lowest possible cost. To meet your research needs, we can provide:

Tangible Deliverables

  • A clear, action-driven written report. Its full-color graphs are equally legible printed in black-and-white. Our unique format helps readers find needed information quickly in their preferred form, providing them all the details they need-and the means to skip ahead with ease when details are not needed.
  • A questionnaire designed to provide you with the maximum amount of useful information for the minimum respondent inconvenience. We never forget that these are your customers, or future customers, and we want to leave them with a smile. It is not uncommon for respondents to thank clients for including them in a CHLÉIRE study.
  • Tables that show responses cross-tabulated by key subgroups.
  • Verbatim transcripts of full responses to open-ended questions.
  • An electronic copy of the data in a readily accessible format (such as Excel or ASCII).
  • Formal or informal presentations of findings and their implications for next steps.

Intangible Deliverables

Many think of only the tangibles when they think about research deliverables. But you might want to know about some of the intangibles that CHLÉIRE CONSULTING delivers.

  • A responsive partner supporting you throughout the process with well-reasoned guidance. A seasoned member of the CHLÉIRE CONSULTING team is with you every step of the way.
  • Researchers who think like managers, staying focused on the big picture while taking care of the details. We delight in providing research that reaps rewards for our clients.
  • A clear understanding of what is most likely to help you grow-today, tomorrow, and the day after that. We focus on getting you the most out of each project, not on how to sell you more research or the slickest technique.
  • A clear path to practical actions that develop new opportunities and leverage resources.