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Our Origins and Inspiration

We formed CHLÉIRE CONSULTING, INC., in 2003, but its origins are ancient.

Marketing, Research, and Communications Really are "In Our Blood"

In ancient Ireland, generation after generation often pursued and perfected a single occupation. Over time, the "family business" and the family name became synonymous.

From their base on Oileán Chléire-Cape Clear Island-an inquisitive and adventurous seafaring clan found themselves in a unique and advantageous position. Their ships and ports became conduits for the interchange of goods, services, and information between the other clans of Ireland and the rest of the world. It became their business to learn all they could about both the needs and wants of their own community and the wealth of resources available in the world at large, then to bring the two together for mutual understanding and gain. For their clients at home and their contacts abroad, they filled the roles of explorers and reporters, interpreters and messengers, advisers and ambassadors, agents and brokers.

Those many roles were summarized by an ancient Irish word-eidirsceol-loosely translated today as intermediary, go-between, or bearer of news. With their success in that occupation, it became the name for the clan Ua hEidirsceóil (grandsons of the intermediary) or, as it is better known today both in Ireland and beyond, O'Driscoll.

As the principals of CHLÉIRE CONSULTING, Tom Driscoll and Linda Singleton-Driscoll are happy to be continuing a family tradition spanning more than a millennium of bringing people and organizations together for mutual understanding and gain!

Dun an Oir
Dun an Oir—"The Fortress of Gold"—Oileán Chléire
County Cork, Republic of Ireland's southernmost point