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Linda C. Singleton-Driscoll, CEO

The cultures Linda experienced growing up sound like a restaurant directory-Tex-Mex to Asian to Cajun to Germantown in the American Midwest. Her father's military career took her around the world, expanded her horizons, and sparked her curiosity about people. This led to in-depth historical research starting in middle school and continuing through a degree in history and literature from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. Not content to rely on discovery through diaries and letters, Linda turned to marketing research and the options it offers for more direct inquiry. (Historical figures are seldom available to answer follow-up questions!) An MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University-where she was recognized as a Dean's Scholar-provided further insight into how to effectively apply research findings throughout an organization.

Linda has the unique experience of having worked in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Early in her career, she provided support to the continuing medical education division of the University of Michigan then joined the Maymont Foundation in Richmond, Virginia as its registrar/cataloger. Later, Linda provided marketing research that helped maximize profitability for both Central Fidelity Banks, Inc., (now a part of Wachovia) and the Virginia Lottery. Her work on the client side of marketing research at those institutions included involvement with the implementation of research findings. That taught her to appreciate the need to go beyond the typical analysis and synthesis of data to get to the key bottom line implications and to develop concrete recommendations for action.

These skills made her much in demand among a wide variety of clients in the dozen years she led the analytical staff at Southeastern Institute of Research. Her work brought the firm national recognition in areas as diverse as organ donation, tourism, service quality, new business development, transportation management, and youth marketing. One customer was so impressed he singled her out for praise in his book on service stars. She was featured in a story in the local newspaper's business section due to her management success and leadership in the wake of 9/11. A recent client dubbed her work superior to any he saw while at industry leader Proctor & Gamble.

Continuing professional development-her own and others-is also important to Linda. She has been a featured speaker at marketing workshops and has taught marketing research at Virginia Commonwealth University as a member of its adjunct faculty. She is active in the American Marketing Association at both the national and local levels, including service as the President of its award-winning Richmond Chapter.

CHLÉIRE CONSULTING draws on the full breadth of Linda's experience, her enthusiasm for people and learning, and her creative yet practical approach to provide our clients with the insights they need to understand and build relationships.

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Thomas S. Driscoll, President

Tom Driscoll began his career as an educator, entertainer, and marketer while still a preschooler. His first contracts were negotiated in taverns and at cab-stands all around Richmond, Virginia, where he grew up. The first fees for his knowledge and talents were soft drinks, candy bars, and pocket change. By the time he finished high school, Tom added agriculture, housekeeping, retail sales, distribution and shipping, publishing, and media relations to his portfolio. By then, his strong work ethic, voracious curiosity, remarkable recall, and skills as a communicator were well established.

This pattern continued at the College of William & Mary in Virginia and the University of Michigan where Tom completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in biology with additional studies in chemistry, physics, geography, psychology, mathematics, and German literature. During his college days, Tom was recognized both academically and for his leadership in campus organizations. He also added construction, library science, resort maintenance, and industrial and amusement park security to his resume.

After graduate school, Tom began his professional career developing interpretive and outdoor recreation programs and facilities for the Chesterfield County (Virginia) Parks & Recreation Department. While there, he also established its first organized, sustained public information and volunteer service programs. During his twenty-one years with the Science Museum of Virginia, Tom was involved in just about every aspect of education, operations, marketing, fundraising, and auxiliary enterprises. Eventually, Tom evolved into an "internal consultant" providing research, development, assessment, planning, and communications support for all of the Museum's diverse endeavors.

From 2005-2010, in addition to his work with CHLÉIRE CONSULTING, Tom served as Strategic Planning and Marketing Manager for the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities. The Board's Director cited Tom's extensive community networks, his attentive and creative approach to problems, and his "interesting life" in inviting him to join her team.

Throughout his life, Tom has believed in hard work, learning, having fun, and giving back to his community. Now, with CHLÉIRE CONSULTING, Tom uses his extensive knowledge, skills, and experience to help a wide range of educational and cultural organizations-and their clients-reach and exceed their goals.

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